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Nametrix - more factoids

So, I played around a bit in Nametrix 2.1 today and thought this info's pretty interesting.

People with these names have the highest tendency to have these professions:

Plumber Librarian Bartender Editor Lawyer Massage Therapist Interior Designer
Casey Nanette Adam Meg Bari Cynthia Elissa
Salvatore Margot Jennifer Fiona Dionne Katherine Dianna
Vernon Abigail Christopher Susanna Bartley Rebecca Judi
Clifford Johanna Andrew Eve Shelton Sandra Jeannie
Vincent Camille Johnathan Elise Carlyle Kathleen Adele
Insurance Salesman Bassist Guitarist Biologist Car Salesman Graphic Designer Hair Stylist
Cordell Nate Jonny Suzanne Emmett Naomi Lori
Dalton Jared Mick Karl Luther Gretchen Eugene
Elwood Dave Richie Dawn Emanuel Shelly Raymond
Dell Pete Trey Sara Vic Claire Lisa
Fletcher Simon Sonny Marcia Morton Toni Karen

Some of the names with the highest tendency to be used by adult film actors/actresses:

  • Female: Kandi, Sindy, Rikki, Diamond, Honey, Roxy, Capri, Barbi, Stormy, Aspen
  • Male: Rodd, Kole, Rock, Maxx, Buck, Lucky, Deacon, Tad, Cash, Dillon, Brock

Esmeralda (daughter of Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes):

  • A vintage name whose popularity peaked in the '90s
  • Esmeraldas tend to be Democrats by a wide margin
  • Potential sisters: Noemi, Giselle, Rubi, Delilah
  • Potential brothers: Damian, Ivan, Diego, Adan
  • Most popular in Latin America and Spain as well as the southwestern US

Wyatt (daughter of Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis):

  • Male Wyatts tend to be Actors, Entrepreneurs, and Lawyers